Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sad Poem from W H Auden (Funeral Blues)...

I really love this poem. Recite this to your lovely wife or someone special to you on their funeral. The words feel so live and pure. Feel with your heart and emotion cause this will surely make your tears fall.

The poem was written by W H Auden...

I heard this poem when watching "LOVE, NORA XOXO". Wow! Never expect a movie like that. Not like other typical malay movie.

Synopsis :
"Love Nora featuring romantic couple of husband and wife, Raul and Nora, who appears to love one another. But after a while, Nora realize she is ill, and she wrote emails full of love to entertain him after she dies.
  Raul seemed depressed and not be able to confront his life ahead. After his received email from Nora, Raul seem to accept Nora's love and begin to walk on this back.  
  Can Raul get up back from grief with the help of Nora's notes, support from family and friends? Will Raul find again his self confidence and fall in love again?"

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